About us

SGI Power Transmission, LLC (“SGI”), is a global entity, providing reliable standard and engineered product worldwide. Over the past 70 years, SGI has developed a diverse portfolio of industrial gearboxes, flexible shaft couplings, and special order engineered product. SGI’s 300+ employees across all business organizations includes over 45 engineers, working in all areas of design, application, and research & development.

SGI developed a defining presence in the United States in 2014; it is the global sales organization for Power Transmission Industries (“PTI”) and Woodbrook Driving Systems (“WDS”) products and services. PTI is responsible for all technical sales, marketing, and support efforts outside Brazil.

SGI Distribution and Service Centers are currently located in the United States, Brazil, and South Korea; with manufacturing capabilities and partnerships in Brazil (Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais) and around the world.

HISTORY – PTI Timeline

  • 1946: The Falk Corporation (“Falk”) establishes a sales office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1956: Falk constructs a manufacturing plant in Brazil to manufacture flexible shaft couplings.
  • 1960: Falk breaks ground on a new 180,000 square foot facility and a 680,000 square foot campus; expands its capabilities to include the engineering production and assembly of industrial gearboxes.
  • 1994: PTI is established as a new independent entity from a partnership between the Falk Corporation and the local management team. This new entity became a licensee of the Falk Corporation for gear and coupling products.
  • 2005: Rexnord Industries (“Rexnord”) LLC acquires Falk and becomes the new PTI partner.
  • 2014: PTI becomes a fully independent entity, after acquiring remaining shares from Rexnord. The manufacturing rights to the products for which it had been licensed remain property of PTI and the SGI Global sales organization was established.

History – WDS Timeline

  • 1980: Flender Brazil is established for the manufacturing of standard and engineered gearboxes and couplings; constructs a 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility and a 270,000 square foot campus.
  • 2000: WDS is established in Brazil as the successor to Flender Brazil, a former subsidiary of Flender-Germany; is the worldwide supplier of wind gear drive components and the main supplier for large planetary, high speed, and rail drives in Latin America.

  • Vision

    SGI Power Transmission is committed to keep the industry in motion through responsible and respectful use of our resources.

    We seek to promote products that support high-quality, efficient, productive, and sustainable processes.


    Be the preferred supplier to our customers and distributors, create an environment that fosters innovation and creativity besides providing growth opportunities to our employees, and deliver results to our shareholders through sustainable earnings growth.

    Core Values

    Mutual Respect
    Pursuit of Excellence
    Personal Accountability



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